Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Gifts

Here we are. 4 days until Christmas. Wow! How time flies as you get older. I can't believe it is that time of year already. I am making 3 calendars for my brother and sister-in-law for christmas. Note the term "making". Yes the rush is on to finish them. I am almost done with them though. I will share a few pics of each calendar I am working on. I am making a calendar of each animal, 2 8x8 calendars (1 for each beagle) and a 6x6 for the cat. Now since I had started these a few months ago, they got a kitten now as well about 1 1/2 months ago. So since there is not enough time to put together a calendar of the kitten, I am going to make a mini pop-up/open album. I'll post pics of that later.

I am using mostly older scrapbooking supplies, holiday and pet related themed products. I also used some MemoryWorks products as well, mainly Rusty Pickle's Monthly Rub-Ons. The calendars are from Boxer Scrapbooks along with the month and days of the week stickers. 2 of the calendars also use number stickers from Boxer as well. The other calendar uses the numbers rub-ons from Rusty Pickle. I love those rub-ons!! They go on easy and there are a lot of rub-ons to each set. I used half of each set on all 3 calendars and have some rub-ons left over.

First up, Rudy's Calendar. He is the oldest member of the family and the first cat.
Rudy's Front CoverRudy's JanuaryRudy's OctoberRudy's NovemberRudy's December

Rudy was a kitten when he was adopted. Then a month or so later, he got little sister, Zoe who was only 8 weeks old. Here are some pages from Zoe's calendar.
Zoe's Front CoverZoe's JanuaryZoe's OctoberZoe's NovemberZoe's December

Everything was fine and dandy until Zoe grew bigger than Rudy. Poor Rudy! Then 1 year later, Molly was adopted at 8 weeks old. Rudy thought, oh great, another one!!
Here are some pages from Molly's Calendar.
Molly's Front CoverMolly's JanuaryMolly's OctoberMolly's NovemberMolly's December

Now that Lucy is in the family, Rudy is happy again (not at first though). He now has a playmate his size that don't slobber and bark.

Most of the pics in the calendars I took and some were what my brother emailed me. I told him I needed some holiday pics of the "kids" for something I was working on. I'll tell them about this post after christmas.

I need to make a calendar of Marvin, my cat. But for now, off to finish those calendars and the mini album of Lucy!:)

Happy Scrappin'!

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